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Bangkok restaurant REVIEW:
Dean & Deluca

  • Dean & Deluca

Three days after it opened, we finally made the trek to New York deli shop Dean & Deluca yesterday, on the ground floor of the Mahanakorn tower's swanky showroom, right underneath BTS Chong Nonsi.

There, we met up with US Embassy Staff and an ex BK writer. They weren't too happy: "Our orders got here 30 minutes late, and they got them wrong.

With this warning in mind, we chose simple sandwiches, a lemon tartlet and a smoothie. One smoothie was unavaible, the suggested replacement took 15 minutes to reach us - well actually we had to go and rescue it from where it had been left languishing on the side. Finally, they forgot something on the bill and had to come begging for another 75 baht as we were leaving.

The sandwiches (around B200) were bland (the advertised mustard but a whisper) and the lemon tartlet (B75) an almsost exact replica of the ones from Le Notre (not that that is a bad thing). There are also a bunch of salads and pastries. The salads are already tossed so we have our doubts that they can remain truly fresh and crispy.

The crowd is pretty chic though. A few hipsters, and a lot of well-dressed male and female execs. The decor, too, is pretty thrilling, with those super-high ceilings and giant bay windows looking out onto a bit of foliage which rumor (and the signs of some decking) has it will be an added outdoor space. A good thing as it was pretty packed.

There's also a little shop with nuts, chocolate, olive oil and even a few kitchen accessories. It's all pretty expensive but there are a lot of gift ideas there, like a nice jar of pink Australian salt for B650.

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Dean & Deluca, MahaNakhon Project, 92 Narathiwat Ratchanakarin, Bangkok, Thailand


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BTS Chong Nonsi
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Dean & Deluca


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