Cast Iron Burgerhaus

Ari's industrial steak and burger contender.

Cast Iron Burgerhaus is Ari’s latest spot for a burger and steak fix.

Acres of bare cement, and exposed ceilings and piping tick the industrial checkboxes, while dim, orange lighting ensures you can chomp down on burgers in relative anonymity.

That’s good because things could get messy with the Chunky Blue Cheese Burger (B280) with its juicy dry-aged beef patty cooked to medium-rare and oozing cheese. Slightly tamer is the Bacon Cheese Burger (B240), though the thick cut of crispy bacon won’t do anything for your conscience.

They serve their steaks sizzling on cast-iron pans—B800 for grain-fed Australian ribeye or B660 for "New York strip" (B660), both of which come with chimichurri sauce. Draft Vedett IPA (B200), Menabrea (B190) and La Chouffe (B220) make the ideal pairing. 

Venue Details
Address: Cast Iron Burgerhaus, Noble Reform, Phahon Yothin Soi 7 (Phahon Yothin), Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 062-920-0300
Cuisine: Burgers
Open since: November, 2017
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 5-11pm
Nearest trainBTS Ari
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