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Burger Factory
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  • Burger Factory

Despite the industrial sounding name and the heavy duty décor, the Burger Factory aims for a human touch with a distinctly artisanal approach, making everything from their buns to their patties from scratch. For the most part that’s a good thing, with some impressive burgers on offer, even if the production line does include the occasional slip up. Situated in a distinctly hip enclave of Ekkamai, opposite the offices of Smallroom Records, the place certainly feels on trend, with its chic industrial décor. But there’s genuine warmth at night, despite the metal grates and the flagstone floor, thanks to the soft lighting from the geometric lamps and candles. The service is also friendly and fairly attentive, adding to the homey vibe. The menu is simple and, of course, dominated by the burgers, which are ground in-house from imported Australian beef. The options range from the classics (B215-265) to the signature bacon and cheese Factory Burger (B290). They suggest you have your burger medium, which comes reassuringly pink in the middle—the result a delightfully juicy and flavorful patty. There’s also plenty of sweet caramelizonions and fresh tomato, while the perfectly crisp bacon adds to the texture and taste. The potential issues come in the details: both the Factory and the BF BBQ Burger (B300) are served well coated with their secret BF sauce; and its spicy sweetness may be a little overpowering for some. The homemade buns also have a hint of sweetness that might not be to everyone’s tastes. All burgers come served with a choice of sides: both the curly fries and French fries are impressive, crisp and non-greasy, but the potato salad is less stellar, let down by rather raw, crunchy potatoes. There are a few other options on the menu, like the spicy bacon and mushroom with angel hair pasta (B200) and the salmon steak salad (B225), which are both solid if relatively unexciting in comparison. For dessert the one choice is the chocolate lava cake (B200) which is suitably rich. All told it’s a very pleasant spot; the laidback atmosphere helped by a good range of imported beers and a half decent wine list, a jazzy soundtrack and an attractive clientele of young professionals. If you like your burgers sweet and spicy, then you’ll enjoy what this factory churns out. Corkage B300.

Phone: 02-714-4249/50
Burger Factory, Ekamai Shopping Mall, Ekkamai Soi 10, Bangkok, Thailand



Opening Hours:

Sun-Thu 11:30am-11pm; Fri-Sat 11:30am-midnight

Price Range:


Open Since:

April, 2012
Parking available
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Burger Factory

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