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Skytrain Jazz Pub

  • Skytrain Jazz Pub
    Skytrain Jazz Pub

It’s long, steep climb to the top—and you may not get a seat on weekend nights—but Skytrain Jazz’s rooftop location and grungy shophouse location gives it a wonderfully gritty urban feel. Sip on Singha as the BTS rattles past, basking in the pale light of Century Movie Plaza’s giant marquee. This is not a rooftop bar to escape the big bad city, it’s where you come to remember why you love it.

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Phone: 02-640-0303
Skytrain Jazz Pub, 5/F, 6 Rangnam Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

Nearest Train:

BTS Victory Monument

Opening Hours:

daily 5pm-1am
Skytrain Jazz Pub



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But on his club's opening night, the police shut it down for a week.