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The buzz: This newly opened club is one of a kind, décor-wise with a serious “WOW!” factor when it comes to the details and size.

The décor: Rumors had already spread about this bar’s baroque furnishings—we’re happy to report that the club has lived up to expectations! As soon as you step in, you are blown away by the high-rise hall, as though you are walking into a palace of the Baroque era. The golden ceilings also provide “WHOA!” factor to go along with the “WOW.” Then step further into the main hall; it too is decked out in Baroque style from the top of the roof down to the seats and stage. There is another room tucked away in the left side of the building, done in modern style, which breaks from the feel of the rest of the place. There, you can hear house music.

The music: The main hall mostly features live music and hip hop just like the other places in the neighborhood. But the house bands jam out more Thai indie songs, rather than pop rock tunes. The little futuristic white room features all sorts of house tunes, from progressive to hard core deep house, depending on the DJ.

The crowd: Expect young hot university students mixed in with some of the “elite” crowd. Early adult/freshy graduates are already regular customers here.

The price: Whisky B1,100-1,500, beer B100-130, mixers B50 and cocktails B160-350.

Why you’ll come back: If it wasn’t a bar, this place could have been a big tourist attraction for people interested in Las-Vegas-style Baroque. If you want to experience how it feels to have drinks in a European palace, just say goodbye to TG and opt for RCA.

Phone: 02-245-8950/1
Ibiza, 559 Rimklong Samsen Rd., Royal City Avenue, Bangkok, Thailand


Opening Hours:

daily 8pm-2am

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