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I Fine... Thank you... Love you

romantic comedy | 2 hr. 2 min. | release date Dec 10, 2014

By Kanin Srimaneekulroj | Dec 17, 2014

  • I Fine... Thank you... Love you

Movies like I Fine…Thank You…Love You are the reason why GTH is, to most, the best mainstream production company when it comes to Thai films. The third effort from established comedy director Mez Tharatorn (director of 2012’s ATM Er Rak Error), isn’t just funny; it’s one of the best-produced Thai movies in a long, long time.

The excellent opening sequence quickly introduces us to Pleng (Preechaya Pongthananikorn), a beautiful and talented English tutor who, in exchange for a Luis Vuitton purse, agrees to help one of her students (played by Japanese pornstar Sora Aoi) break up with her boyfriend. This puts her on a collision course with Yim (Sunny Suwanmethanon), a rough-talking mechanic. What follows is an adorable and very human, albeit predictable, love story. Director Mez has shown a knack for telling subtly grounded and relatable stories coated in over-the-top slapstick comedy, and his latest film has both in spades.

Much of the film’s success lies in the incredible likeability of Pleng and Yim. Both Sunny and Ice Preechaya have truly brought their A-game here, playing off each other like a well-oiled comedy machine. That doesn’t’ mean the sweeter scenes aren’t as good though (subtle actions like Yim lightly brushing away mosquitoes for Pleng will definitely tug at a few heartstrings). The supporting cast is also excellent, though we do wish some of them had bigger parts. Joke So Cool’s character steals every single scene he’s in, and it’d be nice if we could see more of him than five or six appearances.

Neatly wrapping things up are excellent cinematography and a strong score, both of which truly enhance the film’s emotions. When the camera starts slowly zooming in and the music kicks up, you’ll see what we mean. If you like GTH films, or just romantic comedies in general, you’re going to love this one.

BK Factoid: Our very own Deputy Editor Carl Dixon has a brief-yet-memorable scene with Sora Aoi. Keep your ears opened for the name "Owen."

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