Best Tattoo Studios in Bangkok
Tattoo studios to skip the sleaze and get a sleeve.

By Clae Sea, Cole Pennington | Oct 27, 2011

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  • Best Tattoo Studios in Bangkok
    Bank from Inception shading in fresh ink
  • Best Tattoo Studios in Bangkok
    A piece by OD Studios
  • Best Tattoo Studios in Bangkok
    Leck from Sakalai sketching a koi fish tattoo
  • Best Tattoo Studios in Bangkok
    A.M.P.’s main tattoo artist, Toro

OD Studios

The artists: Snot and Jong. Jong has tattooed in Phuket and Khao San—he specializes in custom designs and color work. Snot is a master of the classics: tribal, koy fish, and more.
The place: The only fully-loaded tattoo parlour in Thong Lor. The magic is done in a small, double decker spot that can hold the person getting inked and a couple of their friends on both floors.
The price: B2,000 minimum.
The crowd: Trendy types, farangs with affinities for Thai culture/sak yant tattoos.
Sukhumvit Soi 53, Open daily 1pm-12am, 081-629-6639

Pumpkin Studios

The artists: The four tattoo artists with different specialties can sketch up just about anything you can think of but there’s a focus on Japanese, Polynesian and tribal tattoos. They also have two body piercing experts who can give you a simple ear or nose ring, or extreme body modifications.
The place: In the heart of Khao San Road. The main studio, inside the Buddy Lodge Hotel, has orange walls and black that make you feel like it’s Halloween. The waiting room has a plush leather couch with a TV for you to chill in and calm your nerves before a tattoo.
The price: B2,000 minimum price. The price depends on the design.
The crowd: Hipsters, tattoo lovers and curious first-time walk-ins.
265 Khaosan Road. Open daily 12:30-10pm, 02-629-4412


The artists: They do everything. But the two artists, Bank and P’Kaew, love doing custom designs, most of all. Bank has been inking skin for seven years and specializes in old school tattoos and portraits. P’Kaew has been at it for 20 years. He is a master of Japanese and tribal. The shop does not do sak yant tattoos.
The place: The Siam Square setting gets you two fashion birds with one stone—get a rad tattoo and then head to Kinky for a new outfit to match it. The store is just one room and very cozy: chill on the brown leather couch and browse tattoo mag designs while you hear the sound of the needle in Bank or P’Kaew’s able hands.
The price: B500 minimum for something like small stars or a short quote.
The crowd: Hipsters getting tattoos while making plans to head to the next CMYK party at L.E.D.
2/F Trendy Zone, Siam Square Soi 2. Open daily 1-9pm. 089-059-7111. BTS Siam


The artists: Although a youthful 29, Toro has spent ten years in the tattoo industry. He draws inspiration from animal skeletons, rock music, and street art. Sketching as a boy, creating street art as a teen, and finally getting into ink during his twenties, Tor works with customers on a pencil sketch first, then perfects it before picking up the needle.
The place: Muscle cars and big bikes are parked outside of this old-western style saloon located in the quiet neighborhood of Sammakorn. The shop is decorated with model cars, action figures, and 1970s American memorabilia. The tattoo parlor is attached to a bar that features a charcoal grill serving up burgers and American fare.
The price: B1000 minimum
The crowd: Bad ass dudes who listen to blaring rock music while they’re driving their V8 mustang.
Ramkamhaeng Soi 112. Open 12-10pm, 081-001-0002

Saklai Studio

The Artist: Leck has spent a great deal of time living in New York City perfecting the art of tattooing when it was still an underground movement during the early nineties. In 1997, he came back to Bangkok to open a small studio with his wife, Poo. He specializes in traditional Japanese designs.
The place: A small studio with an emphasis on hygiene, it is mostly devoid of any decoration aside from the framed sketches of Leck’s own work. A floor-to-ceiling window on one side of the studio allows Lido Mall shoppers a glimpse of the artist working his magic.
The price: B2,000 minimum
The crowd: Japanese art enthusiasts who’d rather get a classic piece than follow any trends.
2/F Lido Center, Siam Square. Open 12-10pm, 081-830-8325