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Thailand Creative and Design Center to re-launch on Charoenkrung with three days of festivities. 

Some impressive names from Bangkok's cocktail scene are teaming up with 80/20. 

Left to right: Andrew Martin, Saki Hoshino, Napol Jantraget

One of the rising forces in Bangkok dining, 80/20’s culinary team of Napol Jantraget, 33, Saki Hoshino, 30, and Andrew Martin, 31 (see Top Tables’ Best Young Chef), have forged a whole new genre of Thai food utilizing local ingredients. Here, they invite us into their small but larger-than-life kitchen. 

Despite public and professional criticism, the BMA is bulldozing ahead with its Chao Phraya River Promenade. 

The Jam Factory's Duangrit Bunnag now has big, big plans for the city side of the river. Scheduled to open in April.

BTS Bang Wa. Credit: Karl Baron (Creative Commons)

The privately-funded BTS extension could change the face of the riverside. 

Help raise funds for the gentle giants by the Chao Phraya. 

World Class

Cocktail competitions have become big business. Cynics say the number of booze awards has become so oversaturated that to win is all but meaningless, while others praise how competition raises the standard and creativity of what the bar scene offers. Whatever you think, the difference between winning and losing can make or break a bar’s fortunes. Here’s a calendar of Bangkok’s biggest cocktail comps of the year, and a look at their past winners and losers.