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Serindia Gallery

  • Serindia Gallery
    Serindia Gallery

Opened: July, 2009.

The concept: Besides running a Chicago-based publication company of the same name, Shane Suvikapakornkul hopes to capture the art and culture of Asia, and specifically the Himalayan region, and put them on display in Bangkok. Shane’s many artistic connections, accumulated over years in publishing, enable him to put on world-class exhibitions right here in Thailand.

The décor: Nestled in the cozy enclave of the newly-opened retail complex OP Garden, Serindia Gallery occupies the grounds of the former office of the Association for the Conservation of Wildlife. Although remodeled, the gallery still gives out the vibe of a minimalist post-colonial house. The high-ceilinged, almost hangar-like, interior sees pristine white walls, a seating area and a flat screen showing Serindia’s digital catalog. There’s also a mezzanine level where dozens of Serindia’s books are displayed.

The crowd: Fans of Serindia publications and people with a keen interest in the art and cultures of Tibet, the Himalayas and South East Asia. 

Events Happening at Serindia Gallery
Artist Dani Monfort Gil's latest collection of vibrant paintings capture the stories of gay men within the streets of Bangkok, in an attempt to broaden the visibility of the city's LGBT community.
When: Through Apr 30, 6pm
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Phone: 02-238-6410
Serindia Gallery, Room 3101, 3201, OP Garden, 4-6 Charoen Krung Soi 36, Bangkok, 10500 Thailand


Nearest Train:

BTS Saphan Taksin

Opening Hours:

Tue-Sun 11am-8pm

Open Since:

July, 2009
Serindia Gallery



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