Straits Records

For left-field music lovers and vinyl collectors, this alternative record shop is one of the best and coolest places in the city for hard-to-find regional punk-rock and heavy metal CDs and jazz vinyls. There's also a small, curated range of dance, reggae, indie and jazz music for the un-initated, plus a respectable selection of music and counterculture books and DVDs that you won't find at the other major bookstores. Opens on Sundays 3-9pm and Thursdays by appointment only.

Venue Details
Address: Straits Records, 24A, Singapore, 189860 Singapore
Phone: 9681-6341
Opening hours: Mon 5-9pm; Tue 3-8pm; Wed 2-8pm; Fri-Sat 2-9pm
Nearest trainCity Hall
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