Honeypot Wax Boutique

Only their exclusive in-house hot wax is used here, concocted by Australian chemists. They also have a house mix called the ‘Cherry Pie Wax.’ Thanks to the use of natural ingredients in their after-care products, you can be sure that you’re safe from harmful chemicals. And with product names like ‘Strawberry Champagne Cocktail,’ you know girly girls are their target audience. The ultra pink furnishings and wall designs with that little touch of baroque further confirm this. All in all, Honeypot is a great place to enjoy a waxing session with your girlfriends.

Venue Details
Address: Honeypot Wax Boutique, Room 02, #03/F, Pacific Plaza, 9, Singapore, Singapore
Phone: 6235-6686
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 11am-8:30pm; Sun 11am-7:30pm
Nearest trainOrchard
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