The Ice Cream Man

If there’s a never-before-made ice-cream flavor you’re craving, simply give the folks here a call and tell them what it is you want. Two days later, pop by for their concoction of your desire. They’ve created flavors like Red Bull, tom yam and Marmite (all $3.50 a scoop), and for the booze hounds, there’s Kahlua, Tiger Beer and Whisky Coke (all $4.50 a scoop). The stuff here’s free of artificial coloring and flavoring, too. They’ve even got card and board games, like Monopoly Deal, Pictureka! and old school Snakes & Ladders.

Venue Details
Address: The Ice Cream Man, 7, Singapore, Singapore
Phone: 6398-0919
Cuisine: Dessert
Open since: August, 2010
Nearest trainCity Hall
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