Chiang Mai

What: Coconut Paradise has moved. Or rather, a former chef from Coconut Paradise has moved, taking the menu with him to more humble digs.

Look: It’s certainly not Coconut Paradise. It’s simple. Plain, almost, despite the orange walls – a single rectangular storefront decorated with bits and pieces of Thai miscellany. There’s not a single orchid.

Food: A few namesake dishes – garlicky sausage served with chopped chilies, ginger, lime, peanuts, shallots, and lettuce leaves to roll it up in, a delicious Chiang Mai-style stir-fried pork, and an approximation of khao soi, the soupy curry noodle dish – and then about 120 other less regional, but just as good, choices.

Bill: A set lunch of pad thai, with a drink, is about ¥30; dinner is in the ¥80-100 per person range.

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Venue Details
Address: Chiang Mai, 1019, Shanghai, China
Phone: 5228 1588
Cuisine: Thai
Price Range: BB
Opening hours:
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