Dok Kaew House Bar

Phayathai's supposedly haunted craft beer bar. 

The buzz: Taking over an 80-year-old, two-story house out the back of Phayathai, this beer bar not only boasts arguably the best selection of local craft brews this side of town, but also some excellent Thai food—to go with a few creepy claims of supernatural occurrences. Among the partners at Dok Kaew House Bar are Supot “Pot” Onmark, head of the budding Nectar brewery, and Prapavee “Bamee” Hematat, the guy behind the Beer Wanderlust blog.

The decor: This green-toned house comes complete with a balcony prime for chilling with beers under the shade of two big Orange Jessamine trees. The owners have taken a hands-off approach to the place, keeping everything much the same as it’s been for four generations.That means walls lined with old-style floral carved outlets, no air-con and whispers of a few uninvited guests lurking on-premises. The living room has been taken over with 10 beer taps and a fridge full of bottles and cans. You can prop up the bar or claim a cushion at one of the low tables. 

The drinks: The focus is very much on local beers, with the owners happy to wax lyrical about the likes of Taopiphop Ale Project’s Hurtster Siason (B180), Yodbeer’s Bearnana Wit (B180), Outlaw Brewing’s Outlaw Mosaic IPA (B180) and DX’s Genesis IPA (B180). Just don’t expect the same selection next time you stop by. Mainstays Bavaria pilsner (B100) and Weihenstephan Kristallweizenbock (B160) on tap are also joined by familiar names Mikkeller, Stone and Brewdog in the fridge. Newly legal beers from Pot’s Nectar Brewery are coming soon.

The food: The team behind Uncle Sam’s Grill and Salad food truck control the kitchen and serve Thai drinking food that’s certainly no after-thought. Among the highlights are leng (pork bone served with spicy soup, B130) and sai yaang (grilled pig’s intestines, B100) served with a tamarind-heavy jaew sauce. Heat-seekers should try the rare dish of hom yee rha rod ron rang (spicy grilled pork topped with basil leaves, B100)—just be sure to order a side of khaw hai jiew hoy nang rom (omelet with oyster served with rice, B100) to take the edge off. The appetizer of takowasa (raw octopus with wasabi, B80) is another must-try.

The crowd: It’s fast becoming a favorite haunt of local beer geeks, who come together to compare tasting notes.

Why you should care: Ghost tales aside, this is the low-key house of beers that anyone would want in their ‘hood. Not on-board the craft brewing bandwagon? The food is also totally worth a visit. The second-floor space is open for artists to throw exhibitions, too. Neon Boonyadhammakul

Venue Details
Address: Dok Kaew House Bar, 71 Rama 6 Soi 28, Bangkok,
Phone: 096-886-4104
Area: Phaya Thai
Open since: June, 2017
Opening hours: daily 5pm-midnight
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