The buzz: It might sound disheartening to many dkd fans, but the basement which used to be Shanghai's paradise for electronic dance music has been turned into Tipsy, a hip hop club.

The look: The mirror-walled steps make you feel tipsy already when you're walking down, and the busy layout of the club doesn't help much for your disorientation. There are some huge columns (legacy of club dkd), an elevated DJ booth, a long bar by the wall and plenty of exclusive tables upstairs. You can tell it's trying to be stylish, but unfortunately some parts of the club look recycled - and not in a good way.

The music: Hip hop and mash-up, with techno thrown in occasionally.

The crowd: Guys in baseball caps, guys with dreadlocks, girls in mini skirts, girls with a tan...

The drinks: One bottle of whisky and some mixer will set you back around 650rmb.

Why you'll be back: For its special events such as national MC contests. - Stella Shu

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Venue Details
Address: Tipsy, 438, Shanghai,
Phone: 5832-2688
Opening hours:
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