Longitude Lounge

What: Longitude Lounge is the upstairs half of a new restaurant and lounge combo opposite the Pushkin statue, and the newest kid on the Dongping and Yueyang Lu block. If The Beaver is the local pub and Abbey Road the slightly more upmarket bar, then Longitude is the classy wine lounge. Incidentally, the restaurant below it is called Latitude. See what they did there?

Look: Longitude Lounge is a secluded and cozy lounge with a stylish dark red and black theme throughout. Reclining sofas hide away amid soft lighting and sweeping curtains. Outside there’s an intimate, candlelit terrace among the trees, with a view all the way down to Sasha’s.

Music: Live DJs spinning house and dance – but not so as to annoy you.

People: High-class drinkers looking to escape the Hengshan Lu helter-skelter.

Drinks: ¥40-50 cocktails (including the “French Concussion”), wines, and Stella Artois on tap.

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Venue Details
Address: Longitude Lounge, 1, Shanghai,
Phone: 6431-7751
Opening hours:
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