La Flavor

The buzz: Lying on the edge of the New Factories, La Flavor is an intimate wine bar that offers an alternative to the loud and wild clubs in the complex.

The look: La Flavor's stylish and somewhat exotic design is a refreshing change of the common bistro-style wine bars in town. You will feel warm the moment you step in, thanks to its reddish brick walls and soothing lighting. Half transparent silk curtains hang from the ceiling, offering certain privacy to each table. The main setback upon our visit was the J.Lo video going over and over on the huge screen.

The music: Fortunately the J.Lo part is only for your eyes. Soft lounge music fills up the space, but not too loud to disturb your conversation.

The crowd: No businessmen for sure (even though cigars are available), but rather a stylish younger crowd enjoying wine and conversation.

The drinks: The list of wine is not long here, so they are reasonably priced and cover all types of grape varieties and regions.If you're not picky about wines, a glass of red/white house wine of the month (48rmb) should suffice. Or you can open a bottle of La Croix Des Lauriers 2004 (225rmb) to share with friends. The Cellar Selection is obviously for aficionados, including Le Petit Cheval 2007 (2,400rmb) and Chateau Lafite 1st Grand Cru Classes (15,080rmb). Whiskeys, vodkas, beers and soft drinks are also available.

Why you'll be back: To meet your friends or date. It doesn't matter whether you choose to hit Muse or Sky or not later.

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Venue Details
Address: La Flavor, Room 102, 537, Shanghai,
Phone: 5213-9879
Opening hours:
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