Cargo-JJ is a Beijing transplant with a strong Shanghai flavor. Its name has said it all: Cargo is a successful club located in the bustling Gongti area in China’s capital, while JJ is fondly remembered as one of the oldest nightclubs in Shanghai with a history dating back to 1990’s. JJ2 tried to revive the latter venue’s glory in 2008, but the project failed in 2010. Let’s wish Cargo-JJ better luck this time around.

After a thorough renovation, Cargo-JJ is now a neon-lighted clubbing heaven spanning two floors. The main room downstairs features an elevated DJ booth, a massive screen and a circular bar table. The second floor is dedicated to spacious VIP rooms with different themes and separate Karaoke systems. Most patrons opt for bottle service, but 100rmb open bar is also available at special events.

As for the music, the mix of hip hop, pop and house is actually not so cheesy here, thanks to resident DJ/music director DJ Shorty-S. This twice DMC China champion has been flew in from Beijing to take care of the club’s sound. Live shows are also entertaining, with dancers in eye-catching costumes and occasional Mando-pop stars (such as MC Hot Dog from Taiwan) on the stage.

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Venue Details
Address: Cargo-JJ, 1123, Shanghai,
Phone: 400-886-1198
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