The buzz: Bringing a Hollywood style pre-party (or after party) outdoor hangout to Bangkok loungers—except only better because it’s a rooftop venue. Perfect to enjoy the beautiful and breezy nights in downtown Sukhumvit.

The décor: Past the fire exit door and up a flight of stairs you’ll find yourself in a cozy and comfy hangout. As the name suggests, Nest is ideal for you and your fly-high buddies to gives those wings a rest before you flap them all night on the dance floor. A long, sleek, black bar and kitchen lines the wall on the far end—fully equipped with bartenders and chefs dressed in brown to match the warm décor. The wind occasionally carries whiffs of Thai cooking done in front of spectators by the bar. An exclusive section lifted a few feet off the ground is lined with “nest-like” seating (round and enclosed, like a bigger version of a modern day business-class seat). If you really want to feel at home, remove those shoes, grab one of their fish bowl martinis and stretch your legs on the patch of green. The furniture is comfortable: Thai-styled beds with wooden poles and thin sheer curtains or swing-seats for two—ideal for a romantic cuddle and conversation.

The music: DJs playing 80s and old school music on Thursdays, soul, funk and R&B on Fridays, bossanova jazz with live musicians on Saturdays and a jazz trio on Sundays.

The crowd: Professionals who enjoy lounging after work. Evenly divided between Thais and farangs.

The price: Cocktails B250-420, Champagne cocktails B350-750, whisky B220-400, beer B150-300.

Why you’ll come back: You’re looking to hit Q Bar or Bed Supperclub a few doors down, but as usual, you kind of want to be fashionably late. So you grab your buddies for a pre-party chill out session at Nest to enjoy some downtime, a never-ending signature drinks list and intimate conversations.

Venue Details
Address: Nest, Rooftop/F, Le Fenix Hotel, 33/33 Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-2550638/9
Open since: February, 2008
Opening hours: daily 6pm-midnight
Nearest trainBTS Nana
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