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A recent wave of new bars and galleries has transformed the once nightlife-free streets around Chinatown into one of Bangkok’s most happening areas.

New Places in Yaowarat (Chinatown)

Rabbit Hill
A Chinese-themed beer bar offering the flavors of Asia.
Lhong Tou Cafe
This stylish Yaowarat cafe is making dim sum hip again. 
Let The Boy Die Local Craft Beer & Bistro
Let The Boy Die
The Old Town beer-geek haven is back. 
Nana Coffee Roaster
A Yaowarat cafe that resembles a 19th-century explorer’s workshop. 
Asia Today
Chinatown's latest cocktail bar is all about Thai ingredients. 
Yaowarat's gorgeous glasshouse cafe. 

Yaowarat (Chinatown) News

Iron Balls
Bangkok's best gin bars
The city’s best bars dedicated to juniper goodness.
First look at Bangkok Chinatown's fancy new MRT station
Nearly five years in the making. 
Cho Why
Soi Nana to host night of art, eating and drinking
Bangkok Design Week 2018 comes to Chinatown. 
A guide to spending the day in Bangkok's Chinatown
Chinatown used to be all about eating at the most time-worn restaurants in Bangkok and walking through moody, crumbling streets where traditional Sino-Thai home life spills into public sight. That...

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