Mary from Precious

From letting her husband rape her daughter to dropping her three- year-old granddaughter, Mary from last year’s grueling but compelling Precious was just plain evil.

Mrs Robinson From the Graduate

Anne Bancroft is the original cougar in this classic 60s flick as she seduces a young graduate (Dustin Hoffman) who then proceeds to fall in love with her daughter—much to her mother’s displeasure.

Norma Bates from Psycho

Even when she’s dead she had the ability to turn her son into a crazy homicidal maniac with a thing for showers. We only shudder to think what she was like when she was alive.

The wicked stepmom from Cinderella

Turning the lovely Cinderella into a slave while she and her ugly sisters lived the high life, this Disney character has given stepmoms a bad reputation they have been trying to live down ever since.