BK talks to upcoming female Thai photographer Pokchat Worasub about her debut nude solo exhibition, which opens at Jam on Saturday, Mar 21.

Why photography?

The technical possibilities in photography are endless. You can get so much variety from one shoot, depending on the film, the lenses and the kind of camera you use. I also like the spontaneity and instantaneous of the process.

Why the contrast between women’s naked bodies and unusual landscapes?

Everyone has their own body language. It’s like a natural choreography created by emotions: some are shy, stressed, others are extravagant, or even excited by their own body language in new situations, in front of the lens. I want to capture these unexpected results. It’s an intimate relationship between someone discovering his own body language and my desire to reveal it in selected contexts. I’m also attracted to contrast, which is why I chose chaotic, abandoned places. For instance, warehouses where the fragility of the body would be contrasted with the power of the machines, and so on.  

Your favorite photograph?

I don’t really have a favorite because every piece gives me a different perspective.

Most difficult photograph to take? 

They’re all difficult to take in their own ways. I’d say the main difficulty is when the models can’t fully express their natural emotions in front of the camera, especially when they feel uncomfortable because of the settings.

Are you worried about censorship? 

Yes, of course. Nudity can easily be misunderstood.

Last words for aspiring young artists and photographers?

Stay true to yourself and keep on working hard. It’ll be difficult, but that’s what it takes to be an artist and create high quality work.








The exhibition opens on Mar 21 at 7pm, with music by Panlert, Termiriamhoe and Go Grrrls DJs Maehappyair and Dookie. Free bar from 7pm-9pm