The second branch of the much-loved grab-and-go pizza place.

This Chinese restaurant is the stuff of legend.

The second branch of the Thai-Venezuelan artisanal roasters arrives in a neighborhood in great need of a shot of quality caffeine.

There's a new board game cafe in town. 

A huge new store from the organizers of Thailand Toy Expo offering official figurines, clothing and costumes of some of the most beloved cartoon characters from around the world. 

Originally from Japan, this co-working space offers 3D printing and 2D laser cutting machines 

This well established skin center offers state-of-the-art treatments from Botox to micro-dermabrasion.

Forget pretty little places to show off your fixed gear: this one’s for the serious cyclists.

Bangkok’s cyclists have peddled far beyond the center of town.

This one-stop rustic establishment sells bikes and accessories, and also offers a bike repair service. 

A new Spanish restaurant specializing in paella and Catalan dishes.

This temple from 1871 is the center of Chinese religious worship in Bangkok. 

Photo: Zin Kid

Bangkok's hottest new spot for junk food isn't even a food truck--it's a humble takeaway stall. 

Chef Ruangrit Teparak, formerly of Ari's Salt, teams up with Andrew Bunnag, a landscape designer based in Hua Hin, to introduce Greater Bangkok to the joys of fusion cuisine, a-la-Ari. 

Cantonese delights and river views.

Bangkok has welcomed another luxury cinema.

There’s been many changes to Bangkok’s longest-standing nightclub, Q Bar, since its 15th birthday bash late last year.

Comfort food favorites and mojitos, with some pretty good views.

This Ratchada bar packs a lot into its three-story shop-house setting. 

Just what the names says. 

This little eatery specializes in Japanese battered cutlets.

On top of the sumptuous decor and sweeping city views, Chef Michael Owens offers some of the best meats available.

This luxurious spot in Ekkamai is the Lamborghini brand’s first lounge in Southeast Asia. 

This rooftop bar sits modestly on the fourth floor but offers some nice 360-degree urban views of Chit Lom.

Flowers, fruit, food and OTOP products, and a riverside terrace walkway. 

The third and fourth floors of this riverside mall are packed with boutique stores selling the very best in Thai and Southeast Asian art.

The designer of this jewelry brand traveled to various provinces around to help contemporize traditional products. 

Bangkok's latest shopping mall features Southeast Asia's tallest man-made waterfall and a host of new luxury brands. 

This salon boasts a wide variety of professional services, performed by experienced English-speaking staff. 

Housed in a 2,000 square meter compound and operated by experienced board certified plastic surgeons offering a variety of top-notch, clinical treatments ranging from cosmetic surgery to holistic wellness procedures. 

The second branch of the Greyhound spinoff opens in the freshly-revamped mall.