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Best Country Beef

Forget KU beef and Pon Yang Kham, it’s now time for “Thai wagyu.” Here's what all the fuss is about—and where to try it for yourself.

Movenpick Siam Pattaya goes full Meatpacking District.

It's been 20 years since the British were allowed to sell their beef here. Now it's back. But does the more-expensive grass-fed British beef have the flavor to steer us from our favorite grain-fed Aussie wagyu?

Where's the beef? Red meat awaits at these hot openings.


The end of duck waffles isn't the only reason we're sad Opposite's closing on Sep 26. It also means we'll no longer get to eat its amazing B2,400, 1kg, 150-day grain-fed tomahawk steak. By our reckoning, that makes it not just one of the tastiest, but also the cheapest tomahawks in town. Here's how some of Bangkok's other sharing steaks stack up by comparison.