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Container Market

The cooler months are when Bangkok’s hip crowds head outdoors.

Winter's long gone and the pop-up markets seem to have gone quiet. But all that is about to change with the return of some of the biggest fairs in town—plus a few exciting newbies. 

Even as we’re stepping into the rainy season, Bangkok’s market communities are still going strong. Here are the best food, fashion and music pop-up markets coming your way this month.
Clockwise from top left: Forkers, Angel Wings, Orn The Road, Jungle Juice+Kebabs

Not one but two burger-truck meetups to look forward to.

Before the wet season kicks in, make the most out of these niche outdoor markets coming up around Bangkok.
Dining Area

A new spot for late-night shopping and munchies up North.

Root Garden

The opening of a vintage-themed mall, a farm-themed cafe and an art-themed market. 

Rod Fai Market 2
There are two brand new night markets in town. We went to see how they compare with Bangkok’s old favorites. Photos by Nemintorn Ketkeaw

Here's a good break from all the trendy pop-up markets across town. 

Bangkok Docklands

The market's debut last December at the scenic Bangkok Docklands was a hit on Instagram, but also raised safety concerns.  

The Great Outdoor Market
From local community mall markets to fashion pop-ups, here’s where to get your outdoor shopping fix over the next couple of months.