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The Aussie rockers are best known for the hit "Sweet Disposition."

The live acts producing Bangkok's most exciting new music and where to catch them next. 

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Potentially very good news for the Bangkok live music scene.

Our favorite Thai albums, singles and gigs from the year that was.

Better cancel those flights to Singapore. It's confirmed: Chris Martin and co. are Bangkok-bound. 

It's all but confirmed, the British singer-songwriter is heading our way. 

Clockwise from top left: Lucy Rose, Marching Church, Yo La Tengo, Mono

While the local live music scene may have hit pause over the past few weeks, here are six upcoming gigs that suggest things are starting to heat up again. 

Synthesizers play a huge role in modern music. These ubiquitous gadgets use electric signals to mimic the natural acoustic process, and the result is endless sound possibilities at the press of a key or twiddle of a knob. In recent times, more and more Bangkok bands have turned to synths to provide the backbone of their songs: DCNXTR, Kidnappers, S.O.L.E., to name just a few. Here, five local musicians, all avid synth collectors, talk us through the basics of these intriguing noise-making devices. 

Welcome to the jungle! The classic-era Gunners lineup of Axl Rose, Slash and Duff McKagan will visit Thailand next year.