The parties may be canceled, but you can still get your scare on with these horror films on the big screen. 

Take your movie-going experience to the next level with these upscale options.

Spoiler alert! Bangkok Screening Room opens this week and it's as cool as you'd expect. 

Art-house alternatives to the city’s big blockbuster-obsessed cinemas. 

Bangkok is finally getting the indie cinema it deserves. Set to open its doors on Sep 13, Silom’s Bangkok Screening Room will screen cult films from all over the world, from directors as diverse as Apichatpong to Hitchcock, using a high-end 4K digital projector and professional surround sound. Ahead of the opening, we chat to the trio of founders, Sarinya Manamuti, 37, Nicholas Hudson-Ellis, 34, and Wongsarond Suthikulpanich, 37, about their plans to offer an alternative to the city’s blockbuster-obsessed cinemas.  

BK writer Bonnie Sananvatananont experiences a buttock-clenching ride at SF World Cinema’s new interactive MX4D screen during the opening of anti-hero film of the moment, Suicide Squad.

3D design of BKKSR. Credit:

Art-house flicks and cult classics, coming to a screen near you this August. 

The Crown Property Bureau recently announced it would back renovation plans for Sala Chalerm Thani, Thailand’s oldest wooden cinema, which dates back to 1918. While it is still being decided how to best develop the cinema so that it serves the community, BK caught up with its past custodian, Sompong Chotiwan, 74, who was there to witness both the rise and fall of this grand, century-old structure. 

And its interactive backdrop will be the size of three IMAX screens put together.