Take both your gym and fashion game to new levels with these items.

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Nike Free RN, starting at B2,900

Nike’s most popular line of running shoes focuses on minimal cushioning to mimic the natural feeling of running barefoot. They’re widely loved for being lightweight and very, very comfortable thanks to hexagonal flex grooves on the sole that allow your feet to move freely. Better yet—they double as fashionable casual wear.
Buy it at: www.nike.co.th


Garmin Vivosmart HR+, starting at B8,590

Voted as Wareable’s Fitness Tracker of the Year for 2016, this device sets the bar high when it comes to accuracy in step, distance and activity tracking thanks to its highly accurate built-in GPS. It also comes with a goal-setting feature that pushes you to better results, plus a 24-hour heart rate monitor and sleep tracker.
Buy it at: www.garmin.co.th

Blue Geology Bucket Gymsack, starting at B1,813

This cute gym bag doesn’t just ensure easy access to your things, it’s also lightweight and fashionable. The shoulder straps and top handle mean that it doubles as both a backpack and a handbag.

Buy it at: www.adidas.co.th

Playboy Intimates Sports Bra, starting at B990

Go all out while doing high-impact workouts like kickboxing and running with Playboy Intimate's new line of sports bras. Thanks to a front zip closure and innovative bra-wtihin-a-bra technology, this sports bra provides maximum support to guarantee you get the most out of your gym session. Choose between fun, bright colors like pink, teal and blue, or go with the black and white option for a classic look. The netted design, sweat-proof fabric and fitted feel means that it's not only breathable and comfortable, but also looks really good. More into lower impact workouts like yoga or pilates? There’s a medium impact support option, too.  

Buy it at: www.kyramode.com

Blender Bottle Classic, starting at B529

The self-proclaimed “world’s best-selling shaker cup” gained popularity with fitness lovers thanks to its unique design that includes a BlenderBall wire whisk: a built-in mixer that guarantees smooth, delicious protein drinks with just a few shakes. On top of that, it’s leak-proof and comes in a huge selection of colors and sizes.
Buy it at: www.lazada.co.th

Bose Soundsport, starting at B4,500

Not only do these headphones clip around your ear to ensure they don’t fall out while you work out, the earbuds also come coated with hydrophobic cloth, meaning they don’t get sweaty and gross. Take your pick from a selection of five colors and let those amazing beats motivate you to reach new goals.  

Buy it at: www.lazada.co.th

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