Bangkok's design-forward crowd select their hot summer shopping picks. 

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The Style Maker: Varalee Mel Sangsomsap

Why she's hot: Varelee is the head designer of SSAP the menswear label that she launched in New York before moving back to Bangkok. She sources most of her cloth from small Thai producers. For instance, SSAP’s 2016 collection dubbed “Sakol Project” used traditional Sakon Nakhon indigo fabrics in modern bomber jackets and shorts.

Hot picks:

1. Military jacket, Wardrobe Ministry, B4,950

2. Shirt, Mr.Painkiller, B2,280

3. The Rolling Stones T-Shirt, Woodensubmarine, B4,500

The Coffee Cult Maker: Brave Roasters Team

Why they’re hot: They started with a little coffee roasting house, one of the first to focus on single-origin, local and organic beans. They quickly became the roaster of choice behind many of Bangkok’s most respected coffee shops Ceresia, Roots, Omnia and, of course, Brave Roaster (in Siam Discovery).

Hot picks:

1. Wychoff Espresso Beans, Brave Roasters, B500

2. Slow-drip coffee maker, Kindo, B1,290

3. Coffee grinder, Alita, B2,250

The Journey Maker: Cultured Creatures Team

Why they’re hot: These forward-thinking media mavens have built the much-hyped website It offers personal travel essays, intimate looks at over overlooked neighborhoods in Bangkok and celebrations of offbeat artistic projects.

Hot picks:

1. Vintage-style camera, Lomography, B7,900

2. Wearable camera, Qlippie, B4,990

3. Bluetooth loudspeaker, B&O, B10,500

The Design Maker: Pornphun Sutthiprapha

Why she’s hot: Under the brand FEM, this ceramics artist in the North of Thailand produces elegant, minimal pieces with characteristic Asian details: clover-shaped plates, Japanese seto-evoking vases, stylized lotus-inspired saucers.

Hot picks:

1. Tiger paint plate, Arthouse 1967, B1,290

2. Lamp, Studio 248, B3,900

3. Ceramics lion's head, Alter, B3,700

Meet the Dream Makers

These picks and more, from some 20 top creatives in Thailand, can all be found at Siam Discovery through May 31.

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