The 2016 Design Excellence Awards (DEMark) are finally out, featuring 67 winners who have now gone on to join the Good Design Awards in Tokyo. Here are our top picks.

Be Leaf

Designer: Dhananadee Art Ceramic Co., Ltd
Get it at: Yet to launch. Check for updates.
Why it's special: These ceramic coasters not only look cool on your coffee table, but their leaf pattern actually helps absorb water droplets from your glass. No more getting annoyed at your glass sticking to the coaster—we like.


Designer: Apiwat Chitapanya
Get it at: Launching at Bangkok International Gift Fair and Bangkok International Houseware Fair 2016 (BIG+BIH) in October. Check for updates.
Why it's special: Looking a little like something that belongs in the Addams Family home, this extremely detailed side table is made of black stainless steel carefully welded together to resemble real feathers. 

Many-go-Round Layer Collection

Designer: Many Many Co., Ltd.
Get it at:, B1,990
Why it's special: The idea came from plastic trays used in industrial freezers, which are narrow and stackable. Made from wood-plastic composites, the product is eco-friendly and can be used as a serving tray, a storage box and a table—cool, useful and perfect for Bangkok's cramped condos. 

Let's Plant Postcard

Designer: Weerapon Wongtawan
Get it at: and ODS Store (Siam Discovery), B100
Why it's special: Let’s Plant postcards not only feature pictures of delicious Thai dishes, but they also come with a QR code which reveals the recipe and a video on how to cook it, as well as a small pouch filled with the required vegetable seeds.

Tea Time

Designer: Sirikarn Jirajbhaskornkul
Why it's special: These classy tea strainers let you carry your loose leaf tea anywhere even without the pot. It also has a lid to save you from spilling tea leaves everywhere. Your tea time just got 100 times fancier. 

Jour Waterproof Notebook

Designer: Subhadanai Subhapholsiri
Get it at: or Think Space B2S (Central Festival Eastville), Be Trend (Siam Paragon), B360 (A6) or B480 (A5)
Why it's special: The pages are stone paper (water- and grease-resistant, almost tear-proof) while the cover, made of nylon, has small pockets to store small items so they are safe from water damage. 

Holder Folder #A4

Designer: Teerapol Akaratiwa and Warunya Nuntasunti
Get it at: or ODS Store (Siam Discovery), B1,490
Why it's special: Yes, you are looking at a cutting mat. The designers wanted to see how such a tool would operate outside the office, so they created this cool folder made from natural rubber—it is cutproof, soft to the touch and stylish. Very cool.

The Barcode: T&T Metal Comb

Designer: Pongpol Yodmuangcharoen
Get it at:, B790 (or B990 customized)
Why it's special: It lets you style your hair without it looking too stiff. The Barcode features an inconsistent comb teeth pattern that’s customized according to an individual’s birth date, which its creators say provides a much more natural hairstyle than a regular comb. Plus, it’s metal and will probably last forever.
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