The restaurants we ranked out of ★★★★★ this month. 

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This month's batch of reviews (ranked from from high to low, and alphabetically, below) took us to hip Vietnamese bar Happy Endings; fine-dining mainstay Il Fumo, which adds Portuguese flavors to its classic Italian steakhouse offerings; Silom late-night favorite Liaoning Restaurant; Sala Daeng's laid-back steakhouse The Meatchop; colorful Mediterranean bistro Via Maris; under-the-radar Malaysian spot Uncle Jeff Kitchen; American fast-food giant IHOP; Sukhumvit brunch player Gismo; and Rama 4's meat-heavy hideaway Wild & Co. Read on.

Happy Endings ★★★

"Vietnamese food’s having a hip moment." 

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Il Fumo ★★★

"This grand old villa tucked just off Rama 4 Road [...] began life as an Italian steakhouse, but with new Portuguese head chef Nelson Amorim, its offerings have evolved to reflect his home influences."

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Liaoning Restaurant ★★★

"This dumpling restaurant is the answer to your drunken Silom prayers."

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The Meatchop Butcher and Spirits ★★★

"Its combination of retro cool and quality food make it a great addition to the Sala Daeng’s poshest street."

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Uncle Jeff Kitchen ★★★ 

"You can count Bangkok’s dedicated Malaysian restaurants on one hand (and good ones on a couple of digits), which makes the discovery of this humble restaurant all the more exciting."

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Via Maris ★★★

"Good Mediterranean food is simple and produce-focused. Just like Vesper, the ingredients here are top notch."

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"Bangkok’s IHOP holds too true to the American originals: neatly-executed junk food that’s saved only by a serious pancake hankering or your desire to experience a genuine post-American-diner grease coma."

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Gismo ★★

The food falls into the well-traveled territory of Western all-day-dining (synonymous nowadays with brunch fare and pasta) that’s also already well-executed by other Bangkok favorites, like Roast. But Gismo doesn’t meet the city’s standard. 

Wild & Co. ★★

"This house on Rama 4 Road teeming with taxidermy and plantlife serves hefty meat dishes, with a particular fondness for game. Unfortunately, it’s kind of too cool to be true."

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