These designer cafes look (almost) as good as the coffee tastes. (In no particular order.)

1. Rocket

Sathorn Soi 12's original hip hangout still looks like it was built on a bigger budget than just about everywhere that's followed it.  

2. Luka

Fortunately, Casa Pagoda's more, umm, challenging pieces of furniture (lifesize bronze labrador, anyone?) was kept in the showroom, letting this adjoining cafe speak with muted, rustic-contemporary charm. 

3. Ink & Lion

We were so in love with some of the pieces in here that we had to ask the owner where he got them. The chairs? Japan. The desks? Japan. The tables? Ja... we get the picture.


4. Gallery Drip

The recent refurb has cleaned up the rustic clutter. Now, if only we could get a seat.

Photo: Gallery Drip Coffee Facebook


5. Chata

A gorgeous glasshouse coffee shop in a colonial-style hotel in one of Bangok's coolest neighborhoods? We're a fan. 


6. Kaizen

No hanging bulbs? No ruggedly-hewn countertop? Not even a collection of quaint tabletop terrariums? What kind of coffee shop is this? 


7. One Ounce for Onion

The skinny teak picture frames. The Tolix chairs. Those perfectly muted military surplus colors. Excuse us while we go have some alone time.


8. SNP Headquarter 

This latest opening from grandma favorite S&P sees the chain head in an all-new hipster direction. Very industrial chic indeed. 


9. Boyy and Son Cafe

We're not surprised why this place is such a favorite haunt among Bangkok's Instagrammers and bloggers. Just look at it. 


10. Bar Storia del Caffe (Phloen Chit)

A mid-century interior masterpiece. Every inch of this place is so photogenic, and totally worth that Insta-worthy shot. 


11. Sora City

This low-ceilinged, blond wood hidey-hole looks like something straight out of Japan, while the retro bikes will cost you well over the return flight to Tokyo.

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