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Bangkok restaurant REVIEW:
Vanilla Garden

  • Vanilla Garden

Vanilla sets up shop in yet another hip neighborhood, this time in Ekkamai. But don’t expect their famous savory crepes or European fare, as this fourth eatery stays closer to home with its pan-Asian flavors. Set in a spacious leafy compound centered on a fountain spewing a dome of water, Vanilla Garden is actually three independent buildings. Sauce, the library focusing on cookbooks, could be a new public building in some Scandinavian capital. Then there’s the Vanilla Café, set in a charming low-rise house replete with vintage toys, Japanese comics and elegant wooden furniture. The food there is a mix of modern Japanese and Italian, so you can have gigantic tempura crispy rolls along with fried cheese with tomato salsa and linguini pesto with prawns and zucchini. To wash down all that oil and salt, grab a refreshing passion fruit frost. If dim sum is your cup of tea, drop by for a pot of puer and some succulent dumplings at Royal Vanilla—the least striking building with its dark Chinese décor and bay windows offering views on the well-landscaped garden. Grab bite-size treats at any time, or have a full meal with hearty Chinese fare and quick noodle dishes. Prices may seem a bit on the high side but portions and quality are great. Ha gao is filled with a big whole shrimp, while Shanghai-style wontons strike a perfect balance of thin skin and generous filling.

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Phone: 02-381-6120/-22
Vanilla Garden, 53 Ekkamai Soi 12, Bangkok, Thailand


Opening Hours:

daily 11am-11pm
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