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Bangkok restaurant REVIEW:
Rasayana Retreat

  • Rasayana Retreat
  • Rasayana Retreat
  • Rasayana Retreat
  • Rasayana Retreat

In keeping with Rasayana Retreat wellness center’s treatments, this cafe in front of the spa serves raw-vegan food. Not only are the dishes made using no meat, wheat, dairy products or processed food, but they’re also strictly cooked at temperatures under 42 degrees Celsius.

The restaurant even grows its own wheatgrass, which it serves in cocktails (B120) alongside regular juices (B100).  All in all, it’s a haven for raw vegan eaters and the health conscious among us, going well beyond salads (though you will find plenty of those, priced between B160-180) to play with dishes like vegetable sushi (B160), spaghetti nutballs (B190), sandwiches and “burgers” (B170-190).

On the plus side, everything packs a fresh, wholesome feeling—especially the summer tomato soup (B150), which is full-bodied yet light, made with tomato, avocado, lime and basil. The sunflower-flaxseed crust Hawaiian pizza (B170) is also a fine interpretation of the less-healthy dish it imitates, with a nutty, slightly salty, flavor-packed crust topped with fresh pineapple chunks, tomatoes, marinated veggies and macadamia cream.

But that’s not the case with the Thai pasta (B170), in which the combination of tamarind-ginger sauce, zucchini, celery and coconut-meat pasta tastes nothing like the name implies it might. Some of their dairy-free cakes and pies also miss the mark. The carrot cake (B140) has an icy texture in the middle and fails to deliver beyond the taste of frozen raw carrot. Leave it and go for the strawberry cream mousse pie (B140), instead—the macadamia mousse and almond crust really hit the spot.

We’re quite surprised at how poorly informed the service  staff are too—they’re perfectly friendly and swift, but don’t seem that knowledgeable about what’s in the dishes they’re serving. Though not everything at Rasayana is perfect, it still makes for a strong spot to refuel on a single healthy dish when you need a break from the meat and grease. No corkage allowed. 

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Phone: 02-662-4803/-5
Rasayana Retreat, 57 Sukhumvit Soi 39, Bangkok, Thailand

Nearest Train:

BTS Phrom Phong

Opening Hours:

daily 9am-9pm

Price Range:

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Rasayana Retreat


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