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Bangkok restaurant REVIEW:
Pyongyang Okryu

  • Pyongyang Okryu
  • Pyongyang Okryu
  • Pyongyang Okryu
  • Pyongyang Okryu
  • Pyongyang Okryu

Here in Bangkok where South Korean restaurants can be found in almost every neighborhood, food from its Northern sister still remains an enigma. But despite the secrecy that surrounds this closed nation, North Korea’s government actually wants to expose some of its culture to the outside world, and is personally behind this chain of restaurants named after the capital. There are now over 100 Pyongyang-branded locations around the world.

An outdated storefront with dark-tinted windows hides an interior of faux trees, golden curtains, floral tablecloths and walls dotted with signs telling you not to take photos (though they were OK with us snapping the food on our last visit). Young North Korean waitresses who look straight out of beauty queen contests offer on-point service, grilling the barbecue dishes for you as in South Korean restaurants.

The duck barbecue (B500) is tender and flavorful, covered in a tasty marinade and grilled in duck fat that gives a heady aroma, while the lightly-seasoned beef belly (B500) lets its unique flavor shine. Elsewhere on the extensive menu, North Korean classics like Pyongyang cold noodles (B250) and beef soup (B300) feature the same deep and flavorful broth. The noodles are springy and beef cooked to a point of perfect tenderness.

We also like the peppery Pyongyang sausage (B250), which gives out hints of blood amid a rice stuffing. No different from the South Korean version is their bibimbap (Korean mixed rice with vegetables and chicken, B280). It’s also a good one, served in a hot bowl with flavorful sauce and well-cooked rice.

Overall, the flavors of North Korean food seem milder than those of the South. Their kimchi, for example, lies on the more refreshing side—less tangy and spicy but a bit sweeter. Eating at Pyongyang Okryu is a curiously pleasant experience that we’ll no doubt be returning to.

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Phone: 02-020-0220
Pyongyang Okryu, 72 Ekkamai Soi 4/1, Bangkok, Thailand



Nearest Train:

BTS Ekkamai

Opening Hours:

daily 11am-11pm

Price Range:



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Pyongyang Okryu



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