Pan Pan, L’Osteria No.1

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“L’Osteria No.1” could mean one of two things: that Pan Pan is the first Italian restaurant in the city or that it is simply the best. The truth: They’ve been around for long, and they are a good restaurant. Close enough. Back in the old days when Bangkok didn’t have this many osteria, it’s true that Pan Pan was synonymous with Italian. We must admit to fond childhood memories of tagging along with our parents and snappily dressed friends for a dinner in town. Since then, the Lang Suan outlet has closed and a thin layer of nostalgia has settled on the original osteria’s unpretentious, warm décor. Bustling with an eclectic mix of long time regulars, local young professionals, expats and Japanese salarymen, the dining area is loud and lively, just like an Italian restaurant should be, full of conversation and laughter. The menu can be a bit confusing as it is written in Italian with fragmented English translations. Take the scaloppine al limone, which is described only as “with lemon.” How’s your Italian? You guessed scallop? Wrong. It’s a deep-fried beef cutlet served with lemon sauce. The knowledgeable servers are more than willing to help, though. Unfortunately, their recommendations are not quite as helpful. They tend to point you towards the pizzas, which are a far cry from the thin-crust, smoky pies we love Italy for. Moreover, toppings are sparse and of mediocre quality. If you must order one, the calzone is stuffed with chopped spinach, anchovies, salami and oozing with mozzarella—not bad. Still, Pan Pan has some good-value treats, particularly if you like pasta and cheese. The maccheroncini crema e funghi featured al dente pasta and sliced mushrooms drenched in a super rich cream sauce and the baked spinach was covered in an overabundance of melting cheese. Another hit is the cozze alla arrabiata, plenty of mussels doused in a delicious, spicy, garlicky tomato sauce that had us on the brink of licking our plate. So, skip the pizza and order some big carbo-loaded portions of pasta that hit the spot without breaking the bank. Capice?

Venue Details
Address: Pan Pan, L’Osteria No.1, Sukhumvit Soi 33, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-258-9304
Cuisine: Italian
Price Range: BB
Opening hours: daily 11am-11pm
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