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Bangkok restaurant REVIEW:
Eats Payao

  • Eats Payao
  • Eats Payao
  • Eats Payao

One of Sathorn’s best-kept secrets, Northern Thai street-food specialist Eats Payao, has found a proper home by giving a Nanglinchee shop-house a vibrant pink makeover.

Here, they serve up traditional recipes from Phayao province with the occasional premium ingredient or fusion flourish. Signage boldly proclaims this to be the home of "the best khaosoi in town" and the headliner of rich and flavorful Northern-style curry noodles (available with chicken, beef, crabmeat, B80/120/280) just about lives up to its billing.

Other mainstays include nam prik noom (green young chili dip, B100), Phayao sausage (B80), kanom jeen ngam ngiaw (a smoky, pungent noodle dish of Shan orgin, starting from B80) and the delicious gaeng hang lay (spicy pork belly curry, B120) to wash down with Mahanakorn beer. Keep an eye out for creative specials like sai oua burger (B180) served on a black bun.

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Phone: 094-303-5833
Eats Payao, 95/3 Nang Linchi Soi 8, Bangkok, Thailand



Opening Hours:

daily 11am-midnight; Sun 11am-9pm



Open Since:

June, 2017
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Eats Payao



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