Bloc Beer & Bistro

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Bloc Beer and Bistro can be something of a challenge. The first challenge is finding it. There’s little in the way of signage, and if you get in the wrong lift at this compact but confusing community mall, you’ll have to walk through what looks like a fire door to get there. The second challenge is deciding whether this little bar with its breezy balcony terrace and comfy laidback seating warrants a review or not. After all, it’s clearly a bar first, and one that takes its beer seriously. They score high on that front with an impressive selection of imported European beers and even its very own Bloc Beer (B180), a pleasantly dry and fruity wheat beer that is brewed in Belgium. But they clearly also have foody aspirations: there’s a “Bistro” after “Bloc Beer” after all, and the menu is certainly more expansive than your normal gap glaem offerings. Unfortunately, they should probably have stuck to the pub grub, as it’s only these dishes that they do well: stuff like the heart attack inducing, but deliciously crisp and gooey, ham and cheese spring rolls (B120) that come with a nice tangy thousand island dressing. Even better is the moreish garlic and wasabi mayonnaise served with the crisp and moist chunks of wasabi chicken (B120). And we are equally impressed by the sheer size of portions. There is certainly no cost-cutting on the fish and chips (B220), with around seven or eight sizeable pieces of fish and a big handful of chips that one person would struggle to finish. Disappointingly, considering the fish itself is of decent quality, the batter can be pretty greasy though. Other Western dishes are also humdrum: the beef cheek stew with mashed potato (B295) is another big serving but it can’t make up for the dryness of the mash, the bland gravy or the chewiness of the beef. All in all, Bloc Beer and Bistro has got a relaxed vibe, the beer is good and it has enough of a crowd to give it a buzz, so there are plenty of reasons to go back. We’re just not sure the dinner menu is one of them. Corkage B400.

Venue Details
Address: Bloc Beer & Bistro, 3/F, City Viva, 58 Narathiwat Ratchanakarin Soi 6, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 089-181-1888
Cuisine: Fusion, Thai
Price Range: BB
Opening hours: Sun-Thu 5pm-2am; Fri-Sat 5pm-2:30am
Nearest trainBTS Chong Nonsi
Live music, Parking available
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