To welcome the arrival of UberEats, we tried out all of Bangkok’s most popular food delivery services.

5. ChefsXP

Promised delivery time: N/A
Actual delivery time: 64 minutes
Pricing: B60 delivery, with a minimum order of B200 cash and B500 credit card.
The restaurants: There are 93 to choose from, including plenty of chain names plus cool standalones like La Monita, Hickory and May Veggie Home.

One of Bangkok’s oldest food delivery service is still making a big deal of its no mark-up policy. The good: prices are approximately 20-percent cheaper than other services for select restaurants like Sunrise Tacos. The bad: you won’t find out what’s available in your location until after you choose your order. That becomes really, really annoying when you realize a lot of the chain restaurants listed only have limited branches. This frustrating user experience counts against them in this now-crowded market.
Love: Restaurant deals
Hate: Functionality

4. Ginja

Promised delivery time: 48 minutes
Actual delivery time: 51 minutes
Pricing: B59 delivery, with minimum orders for some place starting from B150.
The restaurants: If you are in Ekkamai, Thonglor, Asoke, Phrom Phong and other Sukhumvit hotspots, you have a choice of more than 50 restaurants including Bao & Buns (whose Sukhumvit Soi 33 store just closed), Bourbon Street, Broccoli Revolution and Pala Pizza Romana. Outside these areas, choice is far more restricted, including only about 30 in Sathorn.  

This 10-month-old, locally-owned service is still making its way in the delivery game, as the short list of restaurants attests. There’s no app, so ordering is done through the website or Facebook messenger. You don’t even have to sign up or create an account. Just add your location and the available restaurants will show up. You can pay by cash, or card and Paypal if the order is above B300. Ginja will call, text and confirm the order with a follow-up link. Add them on Line for free delivery vouchers.
Love: No account needed
Hate: Not enough restaurants

3. Line Man

Promised delivery time: 45 minutes
Actual delivery time: 33 minutes
Pricing: B80 delivery all over town
The restaurants: You have pretty much the pick of the town (more on that later), with some places offering specific promos, from big names (Bonchon, Mister Donut) to hipster choices (Beef & Shake, Shari Shari).

This spin-off from the all-conquering messaging app Line is not so much a food delivery service as the equivalent of having a personal motosai dude at your beck and call—they’ll even do odd jobs, from picking up your dry cleaning to shopping for groceries at 7-Eleven. The app is available on iOS and Android, and you’ll need to have a Line account (but who doesn’t?). The main pro is it gives you access to street food stalls that aren’t on competitor apps. The cons: the fee is quite steep (though we’re not arguing with our 33-minute delivery time), and placing an order is not actually through the restaurant. Instead, your delivery guy will physically go into the restaurant and order for you (sometimes after a visit to the ATM!). Most restaurants are in Thai and you may have to zoom in on some poorly uploaded menus.
Love: Convenience of Line
Hate: Functionality

2. Food Panda

Promised delivery time: 40 minutes across the board
Actual delivery time: 52 minutes
Pricing: B40 delivery to all locations with no minimum order
The restaurants: With more than 1,000 restaurants, Foodpanda wins on quantity. There are also plenty of BK picks like Peppina, Indus and Roast. 

While Foodpanda’s delivery time took considerably longer than promised, the restaurant selection puts competitors to shame. For example, key in Sathorn and you already have some 204 places close at hand. You can easily sign up in Facebook and pay through cash, credit card or Paypal. There are some quirks, though. Once you place an order, they’ll give you an estimated delivery time, but this just kept on climbing on our last try. There is also no way to contact the delivery man until they call you, though you can keep track of the delivery with the app’s location updates and constant notifications. Keep an eye out for free delivery promos from time to time.
Love: Unbeatable selection
Hate: Delivery time

1. UberEats Winner!

Promised delivery time: Varies, though they highlight restaurants that can deliver in under 30 minutes.
Actual delivery time: 25 minutes
Pricing: Delivery is free in central Bangkok (for now, at least) with no minimum order.
The restaurants: More than 100 offerings, from comforting street-food places like Hai Som Tam Convent and Bundit Kim Kao Mun Gai to foodie favorites like Appia, Daniel Thaiger and Ippudo.

This app by the American ride-hailing service Uber launched just last month to a tide of online adulation, and we were interested to see what exactly they do differently. After signing up for the website or mobile app, you’re asked to plug in your credit card details. They make a big deal of showing you restaurants that can deliver to your door in under 30 minutes. Right after your order, you’ll be sent the driver’s contact number and then you’ll get real-time updates just like the Uber ride app. Our experience was super-smooth, with our food delivered in well under the promised time. Prices are reasonable, too, though we’d like to see cash payment as an option. This being Uber, rest assured there will be plenty of promos.
Love: Driver-customer communication
Hate: No cash delivery