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All 8 of BK’s restaurant reviews for November 2017

From Birds to Crying Thaiger, the restaurants we handed 1-4 stars this month. 

By BK staff | Nov 29, 2017

  • All 8 of BK’s restaurant reviews for November 2017
  • All 8 of BK’s restaurant reviews for November 2017
    El Tapeo
Food reviews remain one of the most-loved (and controversial) parts of BK Magazine. We run two restaurant reviews every week that are conducted completely anonymously. We pay for our food. We don’t listen to the spiel from the owners or PR. And we write bluntly about what we think. Sometimes they piss people off. Four stars is as high as we, the reviewers, can go. It’s for totally awesome places. We don't give that fourth star out lightly. (Five stars is only for the annual Top Tables’ top 10, which is voted on by a panel of foodies and industry experts.) For more on BK's review policy, click here.  Here's this month's batch of reviews, from high to low.  

Birds Rotisserie ★★★★

"The kind of single-minded dedication that good restaurants are made of."

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Menya Itto ★★★★

"With slick, smiling efficiency, Menya Itto not only adds a curious new dimension to Bangkok’s ramen scene, it’s a contender for the crown."

Crying Thaiger ★★★

"One of the best burgers we’ve had in a while."

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Dok Kaew House Bar ★★★

"One of our favorite places to eat and drink between Vic-Mon to Chatuchak."

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El Tapeo ★★★

"This tapas restaurant lays claim to one of Thonglor’s best bang-for-baht nights out."

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Kaprow Khun Phor ★★★

"You’d be hard pressed to find a kaprao made using better ingredients."

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Shinsen Fish Market ★

"In the space of 18 months, a lot has changed."

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Thaithyme ★

"The menu isn’t fusion so much as standard Thai and Italian dishes crammed together."

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