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An unlikely setting for awesome local spirits, with bonus views. 

With Bangkok nightlife getting more expensive by the day, we dropped by eight of the city's most popular bars to find out how much they charge for this ubiquitous drink. Note: All drinks are poured with 45ml Johnnie Walker Black Label.

With new single "Cordelia," My Life as Ali Thomas looks bound for the big time.

Synthesizers play a huge role in modern music. These ubiquitous gadgets use electric signals to mimic the natural acoustic process, and the result is endless sound possibilities at the press of a key or twiddle of a knob. In recent times, more and more Bangkok bands have turned to synths to provide the backbone of their songs: DCNXTR, Kidnappers, S.O.L.E., to name just a few. Here, five local musicians, all avid synth collectors, talk us through the basics of these intriguing noise-making devices. 


Bangkok’s craft beer bar scene is frothing over. Here are the most notable new openings. 

Teens of Thailand
Scotch isn’t the only spirit worthy of its own dedicated bars. Check out these other amazing spirit specialists with singularly minded vision, serving absinthe to umeshu. 

Central Sukhumvit loses a prime sundowner spot.