A super-sweet taste of the all-girl group's forthcoming album. 

Bangkok-based all-girl dream pop trio Jelly Rocket are back with a first taste from the forthcoming debut album. 

New single "This is Real" revives '80s synth-pop in all its cheesy glory thanks to girly, loved-up-lyrics, cooing vocals and searing synth lines. 

And we mean cheesy. Sample lyrics (anyone over the age of 25 turn away now): "I think I’m falling for you. With your eyes…Oh you make me so high..."

However, despite these lyrics seemingly torn from a teen girl's Tumblr (note: the band members aren't much older), we can't help but fall for the song's dynamic arrangement and numerous hooks. High-pitched guitar helps cut through some of the keyboard cheesiness, too.

Expect to hear Jelly Rocket's debut album to be released in the near future; keep an eye on their Facebook page. In the meantime, listen to this sugar-laden song below, complete with cute video: