You don't have to spend mega-bucks on single malts. These are some of our favorite whiskies in Bangkok. 

Jameson, B1,499/1L

This classic Irish whiskey is the smart drinkers' hack for any bar: easy to find on even the worst-stocked spirit shelves and priced like something that should be masked under sugar and fruit juice. But the complex, naturally sweet taste of Jameson deserves so much more. Smooth, honeyed and free from the peaty kick which puts so many off Scotch, this is an accessible whiskey that doesn't need anything to make it go down easily. Sure, it doesn't have the complexity of your favorite 18 YO, but at this price who cares?

Available at most convenience stores including 7-Eleven and shopping malls

Johnnie Walker Green Label, B1,899/75cl

In the headache-inducing world of Johnnie Walker's color chart, Green Label sits somewhere between Black and Gold. But unlike other JW drinks, is blended exclusively from single malts in a bid to make a cut-price Scotch you can drink neat. The taste has that rich sweetness you get from a good Speyside, but there's also a little of Johnnie Walker's characteristic smokiness. We'd say it's nicer than Glenfiddich's 12 YO (see below), not as nice as their 15 YO—which makes its price kind of a bargain. 

Available at most convenience stores including 7-Eleven and shopping malls

Jim Beam Double Oak, B1,500/750ml

A bottle of this new release from one of America's bourbon big-wigs landed on our desk recently. It didn't last long. While we generally struggle with the hareshness of Jim Beam's standard offering, the twice-over charred oak barrel aging treatment which this stuff gets results in a much smoother drink. It also amplifies the characteristic sweetness of bourbon while adding a more woody punch. Good stuff. 

Available at Tops, Villa Market and Foodland

Chivas Regal 12-year, B1,449/700ml

Sure, Chivas doesn't have the cred of a single-malt brand, but "blended" is not a swear word in our books. Here you have a blended whiskey that sticks to base spirits from the Speyside region (a byword for raisin-y sweet easy drinkers) for a bottle that more than holds its own. If you've always found that slight smoky kick of Johnnie Black off-putting, then try Chivas instead. Not characterful, but safe. 

Available at most convenience stores including 7-Eleven and shopping malls

The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve, B1,888/700ml

It would be rude not to include at least one single malt in this list. While this entry-level bottle from one of the Scottish highland’s oldest distilleries doesn’t have the sweet, luscious wallop of the brand’s 12 YO (B2,479/700ml), it’s still not bad. When you’re in an airport departure lounge and it’s this or a Jack Daniel’s, don’t hesitate—it’ll go down happily without a mixer.
Available at Villa Market