Sample over 80 craft brews on a single weekend.

Thailand Brew Fest is back again this Nov 24-25, taking over Quaint restaurant and bar with over 80 labels of beer.

Over 20 importers/distributors have joined forces this time. As well as the major beer guys like Boonrawd (Singha & Leo) and Thai Bev (Chang), there’ll be plenty of craft attractions.

Highlights include BrewDog, Ballast Point, Little Creatures and Heretic from abroad, along with local beer rock stars like Devanom (our favorite!), Happy New Beer, Stonehead (try their butterfly pea beer!), Chiang Mai, Triple Pearl and Yaksa. Other names joining the event include San Miguel, Estrella Damm, Hoegaarden, Stella Artois and Leffe. 

One-day tickets are B699, which comes with two beer coupons and one beer glass that you’ll most likely lose or break before the end of the night. We know, we’ve done it. Tickets at

 Quaint, 23 Sukhumvit Soi 61