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Trailer Trash Blue Eyes

  • Trailer Trash Blue Eyes
  • Trailer Trash Blue Eyes
  • Trailer Trash Blue Eyes
  • Trailer Trash Blue Eyes
  • Trailer Trash Blue Eyes
  • Trailer Trash Blue Eyes
  • Trailer Trash Blue Eyes

The buzz: Situated in what feels like the middle of nowhere, this bar lights up a dead-end residential soi in Chatuchak with its vivid neon signage. Here, a film-loving fashion photographer has turned the first floor of his new house into Trailer Trash Blue Eyes, a bar that’s meant to evoke a friend’s house—one whose tastes are firmly rooted in the ‘80s.

The decor: Drenched in pink neon lighting, the whole place recalls a teenage bedroom circa 1987. Bad-era Michael Jackson peers at you from one wall, surrounded in fairy lights. A couch comes covered in hippie throws, with a few poems about heartbreak, books, cassettes and records scattered around.

The drinks: True to the vibe, you won’t find any fancy cocktails or craft beers here. In fact, don’t expect much more than bottles of Leo beer (B90) or root beer floats (B69), though the owner says he’ll try to honor all requests.

The food: Somewhat more sophisticated than the drinks, though we’re firmly in home-comfort territory. There’s a version of Canadian poutine (B100) that sees deep-fried chicken and fries doused in gravy and cheese, and spaghetti in “Korean sauce” that also features deep-fried chicken (B79). Chili dogs (B89) and pancakes (from B100) round out the menu.

The music: Synth-heavy sounds from the ‘80s and modern-day indie anthems.

The crowd: There’s only space for around 20 people, but the intimacy makes for good conversation—even if most of your hip-to-it company is probably too young to remember much about the ‘80s outside choice movie quotes and indie tracks.  

Why should you care: Little more than a friendly stranger’s living room, Trailer Trash Blue Eyes strikes a winning note of wide-eyed nostalgia. Neon Boonyadhammakul

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Phone: 086-996-0095
Trailer Trash Blue Eyes, 3/15 Viphavadi Rangsit Soi 36, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat 2:30-10:30pm

Open Since:

May, 2017
Trailer Trash Blue Eyes



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