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St. Regis Bar

  • St. Regis Bar
    St. Regis Bar
  • St. Regis Bar
  • St. Regis Bar
  • St. Regis Bar

The buzz: Perched on the twelfth floor of the hottest luxury property on Ratchadamri, the St. Regis Bar is on the edge of being just another fancy hotel bar, but saves itself thanks to a New York Mad Men vibe and impressive views over Bangkok and the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, not to mention their Thai take on the Bloody Mary, the favorite cocktail of the St. Regis chain.

The décor: Very masculine with lots of leather couches, dark wood and rows of chandeliers. The terrace zone is slightly more laid back with wicker chairs and leather cushions.

The music: Lounge music as the background. Shame. But what else can you expect from a hotel bar?

The crowd: Suits holed up in the hotel or residents who don’t like to drink alone at home.

The price: Cocktails B290-330. Champagne B950-4,200 (by the glass), wine B350-480 (by the glass), whiskey B280-8,500 (by the glass), non-alcoholic beverages B60-220.Oh, and as for the Bloody Mary, it’s dubbed the Siam Mary here, and comes with a smattering of Thai spices like lemongrass and chili. (B290)

Why you’ll come back? The terrace zone is the best, most luxurious spot in town to watch the Sunday horse races at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club, cocktail in hand, without getting your shoes dirty. Vasachol Quadri

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Phone: 02-207-7801
St. Regis Bar, 12/F, The St. Regis Bangkok, 159 Ratchadamri Rd., Bangkok, Thailand

Nearest Train:

BTS Ratchadamri

Opening Hours:

daily 9-1am

Open Since:

April, 2011
St. Regis Bar



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