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  • Overstay

Opened: February 2009

The buzz: Pleasures that were thought to be completely lost have been unearthed and restored at the Overstay in Pinklao. This bar-cum-collective has, in its few short months, amassed a small but faithful flock, lovers of the subtle joys, conversationalists, jugglers and players of Scrabble. While this may sound like a good place to peacefully retire and see out the autumn years, those of frail hip and sternum are warned to stay away between the hours of midnight and dawn, or risk injury from the wild convulsions for which the bar’s dance floor is notorious.

The décor: The interior design of the bar could be described as “concrete meets squat-art,” the concrete being a remnant from the building’s former life as a brothel. Fortunately, these stark surfaces are being gradually colonized by a number of weird and wonderful creatures painted by the bar’s guests. Upstairs from the barroom there are art spaces, a film projector and sound studios, facilities customers are encouraged to freely use. Above this, there are levels of free, squat-style accommodation, housing weatherbeaten travelers from around the world. Atop it all, lies the roof, home to the bar’s veiled subculture of moonlight debauchery.

The music: A set of decks, speakers and instruments sit astride the dance floor and await the use of any customer.

The crowd: At the bar, backpackers, hippies and locals commune with itinerant spies and chess masters of old.

The price: Beer B80, cocktails start from B100.

Why you’ll come back: New friends, free language and art lessons, vegetarian cook offs, burgeoning art and film projects as well as free movie screenings.

Events Happening at Overstay
A night of live music from local bands across various genres including Black'ciety (metal), Pupu the Authobahn (electronica & rap), Superunknown (psychedelic rock), License to Kill (hardcore), Night Train (hardcore) and The Octopuss (indie grunge).
When: May 27, 8pm
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Phone: 02-883-4836
Overstay, Charan Sanit Wong Soi 80-82, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours:

daily 1pm-5am


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