Adjust your hipster radar. 

It looks like Thonburi’s cool new creative hub, Chang Chui, has learned something from its opening weekend traffic debacle

The people behind the 11-rai creative hub have started broadcasting traffic reports of the area from its Facebook page.

Shot by an on-site drone academy at 4pm, 6.30pm and 8.30pm every Fri-Sun, the footage of the surrounding roads is quickly edited into short 1-minute clips before being uploaded. 

Last month, the venue came under fire when online posters on Pantip and the satirical ฉันเป็น "hipster" Facebook fanpage spoke of congested traffic along Sirinthorn Road and Taling Shun Railroad brought about by illegally parked cars taking up full lanes of traffic and even concealing bus stops.

On opening weekend, the space reportedly welcomed nearly 20,000 people per day, however there are only 300 parking spots on-site. 

A mesh of 18 separate buildings, “Chang Chui” lives up to its name (it means “sloppy artisan” in Thai) with each structure being made from reused materials and filled with venues celebrating the work of young artists and designers. 

Below is a traffic report from last weekend. Stay safe drivers!