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A view from Wongwian Yai station
This December, the BTS will celebrate its 10th year of operation. It’s already had its first mini-anniversary party with the opening of the much delayed Wongwian Yai extension. But despite the obvious benefits that the skytrain has made to getting around our congested city, are we really...
Jun 25 2009
Melissa Largent
city living
LAND BK Verdict: 3/3 The Illness: According to the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration’s (BMA) records, our cement metropolis has 2,923 parks covering over 18.8 sq. km. It might sound like a lot but that’s a mere 1.2% out of the 1,568 of Bangkok; Central Park alone covers 3.9% of...
Apr 23 2009
Mim Koletschka
city living
NATIONAL NEWS Why did Chalerm’s son, Duang, return to Thailand as Mr. Happy Toilet? a. The Mr. Happy job was already taken. b. Everyone deserves a second chance, except people with no connections. c. The appointment was meant as further humiliation and punishment. d. If you can get away with...
Dec 26 2008
BK staff
city living
Apart from now, Bangkok can’t exactly boast the best weather to go walking. But is that the only thing keeping us from enjoying this healthy, free, eco-friendly mode of transportation? Everytime we pound the pavement, we find ourselves tripping over shoddy patch-up jobs, monster potholes and...
Dec 19 2008
Nuttaporn Srisirirungsimakul
city living
Rob Lucas
What prompted you to begin taking pictures of the skytrain? It was seeing the start of the BTS project in 1998 and its promise to be a breakthrough for the city. I took a few snapshots of the first mile of track and, powerful as the structure was, they never left my mind or my photo archive. What...
Sep 18 2008
Sonia Boonchanasukit
We’ve all had bad taxi experiences, and it’s easy to compile a list of complaints: they’re noisy, warm and smelly; they’re driven by incompetents (it’s sad when you have a cabbie roll down his window to ask another cabbie where the Grand Palace is) and crooks who use...
Sep 4 2008
Kevalin Athayu
city living
Though it sometimes seems we live in a state of anarchy, there are individuals and organizations who make conscious decisions—for our own good—that affect our daily lives. Ever wonder who gives the go-ahead to turn the sidewalk in front of your apartment into a construction zone? Ever...
Jun 7 2007
Matthew Murray
From palm reading to joss sticks to fortune cookies, there are many ways to learn your personal future. But if you want to know what will happen to other people, and the world in general, there are fewer options. Of these, one of the most popular is tarot reading. Curious as newly born 2007...
Jan 5 2007
Saransri Prawatpattanakul
When did you get the idea of hitchhiking around the world? Even when I was a little kid of 8 or 9 years I’d be looking at maps and telling my parents it was my dream to see the world some day. Of course, nobody believed me, until I was 17 and started hitchhiking aroun