A recent wave of new bars and galleries has transformed the once nightlife-free streets around Chinatown into one of Bangkok’s most happening areas.


These bars are all brimming with tasteful vibes befitting a Wong Kar Wai film. 
Photographer Peeraya Sirathanisa traveled around Yaowarat to link archive photos with their modern-day locations. 
Guay Tiew Luk Chin Krae
The people of Yaowarat tell us the food stalls they love. 
Gallery Ver
The year's most exciting art openings.
Chayapong Naviroj (left)
Bangkok Swing is a community dedicated to sharing the joy of swing dancing. This Sep 24, one of their main events, Diga Diga Doo, returns to Chinatown for a night of live music, social dancing and elegant performances. Here, BK talks to the co-founder Chayapong Naviroj about what’s in store for the future
The Mustang Nero
Last year, Bangkok’s Banglamphu district ranked as the second highest-growing area in the world for the number of Airbnb rentals available. Here, we speak to Airbnb users across Bangkok, from the person with a spare room to rent to the young entrepreneur starting their own hostel, to find out what it takes to be a successful host—and if the rewards are worth the effort.


Bar: Ba Hao
Chinatown's ultimate Chinese-themed bar.
Bar: Pijiu Bar
Chinatown gets the retro beer bar it's been waiting for.
Restaurant: Wanderlust
A taste of Australian coffee shop culture near Chinatown. 
Restaurant: Louis Leeman
This Sino-Thai seafood specialist cooks up a feast of big-portioned ocean delicacies.